December 2, 2011

Did You Know? Part 3 (Poinsettia)

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The poinsettia is just a WEED! Not a beautiful rose that people work hard to reproduce. Not a flower so rare that it only blooms one time in its’ whole life. These flowers are awesome.

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of a weed is “a plant whos virtues have not yet been discovered, which describes the poinsettia.”

The difinition of the word virtue is: quality of righteousness, goodness, or moral excellence, the inherent strength to produce effect; any good quality or admirable trait of character.

The poinsettia was just waiting to be discovered. It was growing out in the wilderness. It wasn’t complaining about being in the middle of nowhere or being in the midst of all the other ugly weeds. But it was blooming where it was planted.

You are like the poinsettia. No matter where you are planted, grow and bloom cause God has a plan for you to be discovered! God not only has a plan but a season for you!

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