November 30, 2011

Did You Know? Part 1 (Poinsettia)

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 Did you know that a poinsettia is just a weed?

We have Joel Poinsett to thank for this awesome plant. Here’s is some of his history: He served as a South Carolina State Legislator, United States Congressman Advisor at West Point, Secretary of War to President Van Buren, and the First Ambassador to Mexico. Also, because of his love for plants, he founded the National Institution for the Promotion of Science, which is better know today as the “Smithsonian Institution”.

Joel NEVER let his job interfere with his passion. While taking a walk through the countryside in Mexico, he discovered this breathtaking bush. He wanted all to see so he shipped the poinsettia back to the Carolinas in 1820. The rest is history.  His passion and what he did with it impacts our Christmas Season today!

What are you passion about? It could change someone’s life!   

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  1. Wow, i never knew that. That is very interesting, who knew something so beautiful is a weed.

    Comment by Lauran — December 1, 2011 @ 9:49 am

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